Frequently asked questions

What is Cocoon?

Cocoon is a personalized discovery platform for women with chronic skin conditions (aka problematic skin) like acne, atopic dermatitis (eczema), rosacea, and psoriasis. Cocoon links its users to the real-world results from other users with identical skin profiles and skin conditions, helping them discover products that have proven to work best for other identical users. Cocoon also helps the users understand which product combinations work for them based on numerous real-world product trial and product reviews by others just like them. We harness the power the crowd to benefit the entire Cocoon community - we call it the democratization of skincare data!

How does Cocoon work?

Cocoon uses a self-reporting diary where our users fill out profiles about themselves and their daily routines to get personalized recommendations from makeup to medication and treatments based on other users with matching skin profiles. Cocoon uses proprietary matching algorithms applied to the crowd-sourced skincare and product use data to give our users the unbiased and truthful real-world results on each product from makeup to medication.

What are Cocoon’s values?

Cocoon values inclusion, diversity, grit, passion, transparency and celebrating the small things in life!

Where does Cocoon’s name come from?

The inspiration behind Cocoon’s name is the home caterpillars build to become butterflies. Cocoon is the place you go to retreat to when your skin isn’t doing well, and is the place that enables you to become a butterfly when your skin is doing better.

Do I have to be a woman to use Cocoon?

Cocoon is designed to help women with chronic skin conditions better their skin, lives, and improve their confidence but we include everyone on the gender scale.

Can I use Cocoon if I am transgender or non-binary?

Absolutely – we welcome transgender and non-binary women to use Cocoon, and we are especially aware of how the physical gender transition/hormone therapy can often affect your skin.

Is Cocoon endorsed by doctors/dermatologists?

Cocoon currently works with our clinical advisors who are practicing and teaching dermatology at New York University and at Mount Sinai Hospital, and have provided their medical insight into Cocoon product design. However, it is important to recognize that the recommendations provided by Cocoon are not from dermatologists, but from other women like you with your exact skin condition and skin profile, in other words the real world results from your “Skin Peers”.

What is a “skin profile?”

A skin profile is a collection of information about you – your age, skin condition(s), skin type, and anything else that affects your skin and how it reacts to certain products and habits. The more accurate a skin profile you provide to Cocoon, the more accurate recommendations we are able to provide you by matching your results with more identical Skin Peers.

How can I update my skin profile?

You can update your skin profile anytime by clicking “skin profile” under the navigation menu. Note that updating your skin profile will change the products Cocoon recommends to you and may change who are your Skin Peers.

Where do my recommendations come from? / How are my recommendations chosen?

Cocoon uses the Cocoon Lab, an algorithm that takes into account your skin profile and data from users with your same skin profile, to produce personalized relationship designed just for you and your particular skin.

Is Cocoon safe to use? Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe with us. The data you report via Cocoon on your skin health and  product use is processed for statistical analysis purposes that help us produce individual recommendations for you and others just like you. The statistical results will never include the information on the person it came from and that data cannot be traced back to an individual user by outsiders.

Who has access to my data?

Only Cocoon data scientists. Any data that will be pulled from the database will always be anonymized and analysed in cohorts. Outsiders will not have access to your contact information. We may show brands collective consumer behavior on a cohort level to help them understand how to better serve certain customer segments. Such data is always anonymous and unable to be matched back to any specific person.

How can I delete my data?

Yes- just email us at and we’ll make it happen.

How can I change my name, email, or password?

You can change your account details by going to the Your account page. Login happens through Facebook and Google so we do not have your password.

How can I contact Cocoon?

Visit our “Customer Service” page to message us about using Cocoon, working at Cocoon, partnering with Cocoon, and to ask any other questions.